Bible Stories for Young Adults


Prologue - Why I am writing about these topics

Why am I, a woman more than six decades old, writing about topics that deal with sexual purity, marriage, and the family? 

I grew up in a time and place where topics that even hinted of sex were not mentioned.  Any sexual activity outside of marriage was a shame.  Divorce was much rarer than it is today --in fact, in my high school graduating class of about 140 students, I can only name one classmate whose parents had divorced.  Surely there were others, but I did not know enough about their families to know the facts.  Before the 1980’s, I never knew of anyone who cohabited with a member of the opposite sex unless they were first-degree blood kin, adopted, or married.  I had never heard of the word “gay” used in the context it is used today until the 1970’s.  I could never have imagined any such thing as a child being sexually molested or exploited by anyone, but especially by someone of close kin. 

Today, these things are so common that anyone should tire of hearing about it on the news or in the neighborhood gossip, and yet the Biblical perspective on this remains hidden to many church members!  People are too sensitive or shamed by it.  Maybe they are carrying around some baggage (guilt or shame) about their own past and just can’t stand the light, though it is only by the truth can they be set free from bondage.

I have had to deal with many of these topics myself as an adult as people who are very close to me have been hurt, burned, or perhaps desensitized by the various kinds of sex sins.  Basically, I could say the whole mess has been thrown into my life in some way or another and I feel it is not only destroying individuals, marriages, families, and Christian ministries, but the nation as well.  If people who call themselves Christians cannot grasp the absolute necessity of sexual purity in their own lives and the sanctity of marriage, and to teach it to their children, they will have no godly power and the church will continue to invite the mockery of God’s enemies. 

I feel strongly about these topics, but I cannot tell of my personal stories of encounters of the devastations these sins have caused because it is important to protect the privacy of the innocent, the suffering, the shamed, and the sorrowful.  Many of the victims of these sins still blame themselves.  Perhaps they feel they were deceived by the culture or by another person that gave them some attention.  I hope these Bible stories and the lessons that follow will help others heal and live victoriously and have a happy family life.

I have suffered along with many others due to these sins that are tearing us apart inside ourselves and as a nation.  I do not judge.  I mourn. 

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Agape in the name of Jesus Christ,

Alida Gookin